Second Semester

By now the second semester is well underway, including a variety of activities.  Be sure to keep a regular study time in your schedule.  Extra credit opportunities, both large and small, are available as they were in the first semester.  A quick summary includes weekly quiz extra credits, formal lab report extra credits, and research project extra credits.  Check the menu above for more details or visit with the chemistry teacher.  –Mr. B.

Transition to Quarter Two

October 20

Parent-teacher conferences are a good reminder that a course adjustment is sometimes needed in order to continue making progress toward a goal.  When unexpected difficulties arise a new plan of action might include extra effort or a revised way of attacking a problem.  If the goal is important, it makes sense to work out a way to accomplish it.

Sometimes a little reflection leads to a renewed resolve to do a good job with the basics: listening in class, taking good notes in class, completing assignments carefully, and asking questions to clarify difficult concepts.  Sometimes it makes sense to try something new.  It could be that a science project can lead to productive conversations between student and teacher and lead from frustration to understanding.  Sometimes even a small extra credit project can make a difference.  The important thing is not to give up on the goal of academic success, but to adjust the method of getting there as needed.


Labor Day Weekend

September 4, 2016

The first football game of the season is in the books as well as the first soccer, golf, cross-country and volleyball competitions.  In the classroom area, the first round of tests is over or imminent.  It could be time to reassess and/or recommit to the goals that were decided on just a few short weeks ago.

In addition there are some extra credit options newly posted on several pages on the site.  The “Monthly extra credit” is a short activity which usually requires a short (15 to 30 minutes) visit to the classroom outside of the regular school day.  A short lab activity or pencil and paper problem will be available.  Preparation ahead of time helps to keep the visit short.

The “Science Research Project” requires a larger commitment and has the potential to have a much bigger effect on the gradebook.  If this looks like a good fit for you, read the information carefully and make some choices about what you might like to do.  You can sure visit with me (Mr. B.) as you think about a project.  If you decide to do a project, fill out the form on the research project web page.  We’ll talk some more, refine the beginning ideas and work out a schedule.

Whether or not you enter the world of “extra credit” best wishes for academic success as we move deeper into the first quarter of academic work.

–Mr. B.


Happy New Year 2016-17!!


August 13, 2016

Only a few more days and, once again, we are off to a fresh start on another phase of the great education adventure.  It’s time to build on what was accomplished in previous years, but it’s also a time new beginnings.  It’s a time for remembering what happened “last year”, time to do again what worked, and time to creatively work out strategies to improve what did not work so well.

In all our planning, it is essential that we remember that we are not in control of everything. Many times we must deal with situations which we would not choose and don’t expect.  It is almost guarenteed that success will require more effort that we plan on.  Always we must be willing to ask for help as needed from friends, teachers, from the God who made us and wants and expects us to succeed in the big things of life.

So, once again, happy new year as we begin out work together.  Best wishes!!  –Mr. B.